Divorce and Judicial Separation

SME Solicitors advise on all aspects of family work whether divorce, dissolution of civil partnership or separation of cohabiting couples.

Many people are concerned about the possible need to attend court upon divorce or family breakdown but in most cases the process may be handled without the need to see a judge.

We are able to advise you on how the prepare the paperwork yourself but it is far more common for clients to ask us to draft all necessary documents on their behalf.

There are strict legal tests to be satisfied in order to obtain a divorce but whilst meeting those tests we are able to draft the papers in a way which will not cause offence or undue conflict which is all too capable of rebounding in additional acrimony, heartache and cost.

Our experienced team at SME Solicitors will help you through the process with optimum speed and minimum disruption.

For advice on any divorce or family matter, please contact one of our team today by calling 01905 723561 or email us at info@smesolicitors.co.uk.

We have a dedicated microsite for these matters, meet the team who would be assisting you and watch our latest videos > http://www.worcesterdivorcesolicitor.co.uk/


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