Robot Law and Mediation

Sir Geoffrey Vos, the Master of the Rolls (MR), has given a speech at the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in which he discussed mandatory mediation within civil proceedings and its place in the digital justice system.

He has floated the possibility of Introducing mandatory mediation. The Ministry of Justice is actively considering what cases to potentially introduce mandatory mediation for, starting with small claims and some private family cases.

Comparing the traditional legal world with the online world he commented that while it is desirable and lawful to mandate mediation in the analogue world, it is likely to be less important in the digital world. It is anticipated that mediation will simply become one of the tools available for dispute resolution in the digital justice system. There will be no need to insist upon it because the entire digital process, which will have "integrated mediated interventions at every stage", will aim to resolve the issues identified by the parties. A I and bots will over time scan cases, analyse the issues arising in cases and automatically suggest methods of resolution to include mediation.

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Added: 17 Jun 2022 10:58

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