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You need a Will! YES, I’m talking to you!

There is a tendency in life, when faced with an unpleasant thought or task, to brush it to one side and deal with it another day.  We are all guilty of doing this whether it is putting off booking a dental appointment or ignoring a cluttered kitchen drawer that needs reorganising.  Very often, we are forced to act only when the situation we have ignored becomes impossible to live with. This was my position last week when my kitchen drawer jammed shut leaving me without my car keys which were trapped inside!


After I had managed to force the drawer open, and decluttered the mess, I realised that the reality of doing so was not as bad as the thought.  Yes, it was a boring way to spend half an hour but now I know everything is in order, and that makes me happier and calmer.


And before you think this column is an ode to the domestic life of a solicitor, there is a point to my musings.  The same principle applies to making a will.  It is something that we dread, put off and try to forget about but when it is done, it can be put away in storage and you will be safe in the knowledge that your affairs on death will be sorted, your house and money going to the right place. 


And back to the title of this article.  We all need a will, including you dear reader.  Do not put it off for another day, or like me with my kitchen drawer, you and your family may end up in a pickle and wish you’d sorted your Wills sooner.


As a solicitor specialising in Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney, if I could give one bit of advice to anyone considering doing a Will it would be this; TODAY is the perfect opportunity to get your affairs in order.


Florence Goodwin is a Solicitor in the Private Client team contact her for advice on all aspect of Wills and LPA’s on 01905 723561 or email at

Added: 19 Aug 2021 14:15

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