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What happens to my pension if I divorce?

Pension funds are a marital asset and can be subject to division in the event of a divorce. However, whether your spouse will receive a share of your pension depends on various factors and individual circumstances are taken in to account in each case.

The court will consider the duration of your marriage, the financial needs of both parties, the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage and each party’s financial contributions.  

It’s crucial to seek legal advice from a family lawyer to understand how pensions are treated in divorce. Additionally obtaining the services of a financial advisor or pension specialist may be necessary to help assess the value of pensions and give guidance on the most suitable options for you.

If you would like advice regarding pensions in divorce, please contact Denise McCabe on 01905 723561, who will be happy to have an informal telephone conversation with you and advise if pensions are likely to be taken into account and treated as an asset in your divorce. She is also contactable by email at

Added: 17 Jan 2024 12:14

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