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Thoughts on future business planning?

We have recently received instructions from numerous of our new and established clients who have been attending to a restructuring of their business. There have been a variety of reasons behind these including:

  • altering share structures to provide for income for (soon to be) independent children;
  • succession planning where junior members of a business are acquiring, or storing up funds to acquire, an interest in the business;
  • as a part of inheritance planning for the family business;
  • to prepare a division or partitioning of the business in readiness for potential future sales and/or combined with tax/estate planning;
  • To prepare for admission of new participants into the ownership structure to establish succession planning.

Restructuring is a matter which any businesses should consider at various times during its life. More often than not such planning is left until very late in the day before any potential sale e.g. where a serious event befalls a major participant in the business. Inevitably this leaves little time for a proper considered approach.

A restructure is not as intimidating as it first sounds. Neither is it necessarily as costly as may be feared. The process can vary from a more basic form of reclassification of shares, to a demerger of the company. It can also be a useful device for introducing a shareholder agreement between the participants where one is absent under the current structure. Tax advice is key and on each occasion we work closely with the client’s accountants and our private client department to establish a tax effective vehicle to achieve the desired aim and guide our clients through to their desired end result.

If a restructure is a matter that you have been putting off or is a matter which you feel that you ought to consider, please contact Shaun Owen on 01905 723561 or by email to for a no obligation discussion of your potential needs.

Added: 22 Feb 2017 11:38

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