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SME Solicitors Race for Life 2021 in aid of Cancer Research

SME Solicitors Race for Life 2021 in aid of Cancer Research

2021 has been a year in which cancer has touched SME in a big way so a team of us is trying to raise as much money as we can to help with research into this awful disease. Although the events of the year have been distressing and tragic it is clear that the improvements in cancer treatment brought about through research have helped to develop the treatment received in both of our cases.  There are eleven of us of varying ages and in various stages of fitness entering both the Worcester 10K and 5k run/walk events on 17 October 2021.

At the end of 2020 Sam Lloyd our Head of Wills & Probate received the news that her son Edward aged 12 was suffering from a specific bone cancer. Much of the year since then for Edward and his whole family has been taken up with radiotherapy, chemotherapy, innumerable blood transfusions, travel to and from hospital and other care culminating in an operation to remove the affected part and repair the site by a graft. Edward finally “rang the bell” to signify the end of his hospital treatment at the beginning of September. He has however needed ongoing treatment since then so his fight goes on.

Early in 2021 we were informed that one of our former partners Martin Parry who had been appointed as a District Judge twenty years ago and who had been sitting in Worcester with distinction had suffered a re-occurrence of cancer related to a melanoma diagnosed a number of years ago. Over the years Martin had kept the disease at bay following treatment but this time the diagnosis was that the illness was highly likely to be terminal. All too soon it became clear that his care would be palliative and Martin passed away in St Richard’s Hospice on 26 July this year. In keeping with his style he designed his own moving but amusing funeral service which reminded all present that the effects of our lives and our personalities can have an effect on others even when we are gone.

Please try to help us to add to the funds in aid of Cancer Research. We are all too aware that so many of us receive sponsorship requests for all sorts of things all of the time so we do not wish to cause the inevitable “how much” question that arises. We are asking a wide number of people whether clients or more widely known individual friends or friends of the firm to sponsor us for just £2.00 each. Larger donations are of course welcome but by spreading the requests as widely as possible we hope that we may maximise our sponsorship power. Each member of our team has a £50 nominal target so £500 in all but we aim to go as far beyond that as we possibly can.

My own sponsorship link is set out below. Please use it and help us to kick cancer to the kerb.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Ian Stirzaker

SME Solicitors

Added: 06 Oct 2021 13:17

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