Representing Both Parties

Can one firm of solicitors – or even one solicitor – represent both parties on a divorce?

The answer is yes in certain circumstances and we are happy to discuss with you whether your particular case fits the bracket.

The promotion of no fault divorce petitions and the possibility of joint applications for divorce raises an anticipation that separating couples may aim to resolve far more of the issues between them by agreement than has ever been the case before.

It remains the case that a solicitor cannot act for two parties whose interest are in conflict or even if there is a significant risk of conflict. However if everything has been agreed and there are no conflicts then providing clients and lawyer understand properly where they all stand there is no reason why a solicitor cannot assist in the preparation of agreed paperwork to reflect a done deal.

There will always be cases in which this is not possible but if you think your separation is sufficiently amicable that you don’t need lawyers or if you simply need information about the process and some help in getting it through the court we can help. 

Just give us a call and we can talk it through.

Joanna Gardner is an Associate in the Family Law Department at SME Solicitors. Please contact her, Denise McCabe or Ian Stirzaker for specialist help and advice in all aspects of family law at or or


Added: 04 Apr 2022 11:04

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