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Online divorce – shake up of the family justice system?

It is being said that family lawyers are no longer going to be needed to help people through their divorce, as after all it will be soon so simple, everyone can do it themselves online. The paperwork has been available for many years for people to deal with their own divorce, but would you feel confident doing so? The crucial factor is about having the experience to know immediately what to do without delay and how to phrase a petition so that it does not unintentionally create a sour atmosphere in which it becomes difficult to resolve children and financial issues. The whole thing fits together.  

If you needed an operation on your hand, would you be most reassured having a Consultant hand surgeon to operate on it or the doctor 6 days out of medical school? Or maybe you’d want to do it yourself.

AAAGGGGHHHHH! Everyone seems to think they are an expert these days, until it all goes badly wrong!!!

Added: 14 Nov 2017 09:21

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