Online Divorce Applications

Today is the last day for online divorce applications to be made under the old Divorce law. Only Urgent applications will be able to be made between now and the 5th April (that is usually for jurisdiction shopping reasons). The new divorce law comes online (we are promised) on 6th April – the long awaited NO FAULT divorce will become a reality.

Although there is now going to be a short gap before people can start divorce proceedings again, you can still be preparing and deciding:

1. Do you want to apply for divorce as a sole applicant or jointly with your spouse?

2. Gather together information about both your finances.

3. If you have children, have you thought about plans for them?

4. Are there other urgent matters which need resolving which don’t have to wait for the divorce proceedings?

If you need advice, we are here to help. Please contact Joanna Gardner or Denise McCabe on 01905723561,

Added: 01 Apr 2022 10:13

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