I don't need a will - do I?

No one likes to think about making a Will.  If we are young, death seems too far away and as we get older the idea of planning for death becomes more and more unpalatable.  The thought of what type of funeral we would want, or who would look after our young children if we died early, is thoroughly depressing!  As a result, making a Will becomes something that we all put off for another day. 

It is however during challenging times, when we may take the opportunity to ensure that our personal affairs are in order.  Some of us may think that we don’t even need a Will.  It is a common misconception that married couples always inherit everything from the other, even if there is no Will. This is not necessarily the case, because without a Will, the law will decide how your assets are distributed, and that won’t always be to your spouse.  


So let’s try and flip the situation on its head. 


Putting your personal affairs in order could be that you ensure that your Will is up to date or putting Lasting Powers of Attorney in place or making sure that any Lasting Powers of Attorney are registered so that they can be ready to be used, if needed. 

Making a Will should be seen as a positive.  You can appoint your Executors to deal with your affairs as you want, and you can include who would look after your children if you died when they are still young.  You can express funeral wishes and make special gifts. 

By making a Will, you are helping your family to move things along faster and reducing stress and heartache at a difficult time.  Make a Will and take back control. 

During  circumstances, we will always work with you to establish the best forms of communication for you.  This may be a telephone appointment or an appointment using Skype or Facetime.  When it comes to getting documents completed and signed, we will do our utmost to accommodate your circumstances.  


Florence Goodwin is a solicitor in the Wills and Probate department at SME Solicitors, a full service legal firm based in Sansome Walk, Worcester.  For further information please email or call 01905 723561 or visit

Added: 22 Dec 2020 10:42

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