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GDPR – Business to Business – Do you need to do anything?

Many of our business clients supply to other businesses. We have noticed there is a misconception in those cases that they do not have to do anything to comply with the Data Protection Act 2018. The simple fact is, if you have employees, or if you deal with non-incorporated business customers, then you will have to take action to ensure you comply with the new laws.

We have been helping our clients put in place the right policies and notices to ensure they are GDPR compliant. We can help you, either by checking what you have done, or by doing the documents for you from scratch, if you are still unsure of what you need.


 Some of the things we have been doing for clients include:


 On the employment law side of data protection:

  • Privacy notices for their employees
  • Privacy notices for job candidates
  • Adding to employee handbooks
  • Fact sheets for employees about the new law and what it means for them


On the business law side of data protection:

  • Preparing bespoke data protection policies for clients
  • Assisting clients to undertake a data protection audit
  • Preparing website privacy notices
  • Preparing privacy notices for clients’ customers and suppliers
  • Advice on B2B and B2C marketing 


For further advice and support, please contact Guy Salter (employment) or Louise Adams (business).

Added: 10 Jul 2018 10:45

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