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Divorce Survival Guide - Part 3

The third in a series of articles suggesting ways to survive divorce or separation in a positive way.


3          Understand your Now, Where and How


When relationships are ending the world can become a whirl.  There is too much to think about, too many things to do, too many responsibilities and obligations to deal with. Quite simply often there is too much for the mind to cope with and we become overloaded.


It is important to stop the world from spinning, take a breath and obtain a clear view of where you are now. That can be in terms of the relationship, the marriage, housing, schools, the mortgage, the rent, or the million and one other issues that are crowding the horizon. That is your “Now”.


Then it is useful to take a mental Magic Wand and fix those issues. Look ahead and imagine 12 months or two years into the future. Maybe look even further. If those problems could be sorted out what would that look like? Where would you be? That is your “Where”.


Then, using good advice all round whether it is practical, financial or legal, sort out “How” you are going to move from your “Now” to your “Where”.  It is very important to do these things in the right order. A drowning person probably uses more energy than a good swimmer, but a swimmer has practised enough to move from danger to safety by the best method.That’s the menatility you will need.


Don’t waste your physical or mental energy.  If you are splitting up you will need it. Let us at SME help you to understand your “Now”, we can help you to plan your “Where” and we can help you to implement the best “How” that will work for you.


Ian Stirzaker


Ian is the Senior Partner and Head of Family Law at SME Solicitors. Please contact him or Joanna Gardner for specialist help and advice in all aspects of family law at or

Added: 28 Nov 2018 10:07

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