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Digitising the divorce process


A professor of sociology-legal studies at the University of Exeter has proposed a complete reform of the current documentation used to obtain a divorce.


The proposal aims to simplify the divorce process by doing away with many of the current legal terms and the need to involve judges in the assessment of whether the tests for divorce are satisfied. Instead the idea is that by completion of a series of tick boxes the whole process could be smoothed so that the papers are able to be assessed by computer software leading to a saving in court time and pressure on judges.


The biggest problem with the proposal is a complete lack of necessary IT within the justice system The lack of IT investment in the justice system has hampered efficiency for years and is not a current government priority compared with the demands elsewhere in the country for example in the NHS. Which gains more sympathy - queues in Accident and Emergency or delays in divorce? Will it ever happen?  Don't hold your breath!


Ian Stirzaker


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Added: 31 Jan 2017 12:09

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