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Did you know? Are you married/in a civil partnership or living together? - Part 6


What different rights do parties who live in England or Wales who are married in a civil partnership and people who are not married/civil-partners, or don’t have a legally valid marriage, have? (The law in Scotland is different), continued from parts 4 and 5



Not legally married

Private Pensions on separation

A spouse can make a claim in divorce proceedings for a share of the other party’s pension fund (this if often very valuable)

A cohabitee has no rights to make a claim.

State Pensions on separation

There are complicated rules depending on your age and whether you reach state pension age (SPA) before or after 6.4.16, if before then the rights may be sharable or spouse can make a claim based on NI contributions of their ex-spouse. This is not available for people who have not reached SPA

No rights to claim on partner’s contributions

Continued in Part 7 next week.

Added: 12 Feb 2018 14:55

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