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Cutting Edge Practice in Family Law

For many years at SME solicitors our family lawyers have been committed to the ethos and methods of Resolution which was founded over 40 years ago by a group of family lawyers who believed that a non-confrontational approach to family law issues would produce better outcomes for separating families and their children. Ian Stirzaker our own Head of Family Law has been involved with Resolution continuously since 1987.

Over the decades, Resolution has maintained a commitment to a constructive way of working, enshrined in its Code of Practice and has grown from simply an organisation for family law solicitors into a membership organisation for professionals that work with separating families.

Resolution members come from many professional backgrounds, including solicitors, legal executives, barristers, financial planners and family mediators. Membership also includes students, trainees, judges, academics and others committed to a constructive approach to family issues.

In addition to having such a wide membership Resolution also offers thought and practice leadership across the whole field of family law.

One of its main contributions has been to drag family law from the acrimonious litigation of yesteryear into an environment in which a genuine consideration of methods of practice, communication, presentation of cases and even style of writing of letters tries to promote an atmosphere in which sensible discussion and settlement may be promoted.

We are launching a series of articles to explain more about what Resolution does, the effect it has on day to day practice and why it makes far more sense to use a committed Resolution lawyer to help to resolve the many issues that crop up in divorce and separation.  Watch this space.

Ian Stirzaker

Ian is the Senior Partner and Head of Family Law at SME Solicitors. Please contact him, Joanna Gardner or Denise McCabe for specialist help and advice in all aspects of family law at  or or  

Added: 13 Oct 2023 11:02

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