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A Date for No Fault Divorce

The government have finally committed to bring into force “no fault divorce” on 6 April 2022.  Whilst this is later than had been hoped this has at last now been fixed, and is a matter of parliamentary record.  Apparently the delay has been due to the government needing to update the online divorce service which is now used for new divorce proceedings. 


In the meantime parties will need to continue to use the current divorce law which requires the parties to prove that the marriage has irretrievably broken down as a result of:


a)    Adultery

b)    Behaviour

c)    Two years separation (both parties consent to the divorce)

d)    Desertion

e)    Five years separation


Should you require any further information please contact Joanna Gardner or Denise McCabe on

Added: 08 Jun 2021 15:08

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