Data Retention Periods for Client Records


Table specifying data retention time periods for client files 


Type of client record

Retention period

Litigation matters including Civil and Criminal Court cases, Land Tribunal, Employment Tribunal; Probate matters; Commercial and Corporate transactions and preparation of documents for companies including terms and conditions of sale and Employment Contracts and Staff handbooks



Will instructions



Files concerning acquisition of land and/or the obtaining of a mortgage



Title Deeds and Wills



Lasting Powers of Attorney




Family matters





Seven years after completion of the client matter, save where documents are executed as a deed where the file may then need to be kept for thirteen years from the date of completion of the matter. Some deeds may be required to be placed into indefinite storage until required by the owner



Until after distribution of the Estate after death



Thirteen years from completion of the client matter.



May be held indefinitely until requested by the owner/person making the Will.


During the lifetime of the Grantor




Seven years from the date of completion of the client matter save in relation to those involving children and in such cases will be seven years from the child attaining eighteen years of age.




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