Maurice Nichols

Name: Maurice Nichols, Consultant Solicitor

Department: Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution


Phone Number: 01905 723561


Maurice is a Consultant Solicitor with extensive experience as a commercial litigator, both in London and Birmingham. He has been retained by leading Insurance Companies for over 40 years as a specialist litigation and risk adviser for whom he has acted in high value product liability matters, fire claims, construction claims and catastrophic injury claims.


Maurice was a founder member and President of the Forum of Insurance Lawyers (FOIL), the leading representative voice of lawyers in the insurance industry. He has been widely published in the legal and national press on legal matters.  Maurice is a qualified mediator, and a former consultant on mediation with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution. He is also qualified as an Attorney and Counsellor in the USA (New York).


He believes in a practical and pragmatic approach to litigation – litigation is about the litigants not about the lawyers’ “grandstanding” - he aims to shut down expensive and often destructive litigation as quickly as possible – fight the matters that need to be fought and which are winnable, while monitoring common interest and compromise prospects between the parties at all times. 


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