Everyone should make a Will as part of their long term planning. Even if you consider the value of your assets to be relatively small it will still be important to you to choose your own beneficiaries and ensure that your wishes are carried out.

If you die without making a Will the distribution of your estate is determined by the rules of intestacy and your assets may not go to the people whom you assume will inherit. There have been recent changes to the intestacy rules making it even more important to take professional advice also it can often be more expensive to administer an estate when the deceased has not left a Will.

We pride ourselves in making the process as personal and straight forward as possible whilst providing professional help. We will discuss every relevant aspect with you, for example inheritance tax planning, the distribution of personal and business assets, guardianship appointments for young children and your funeral wishes all giving you peace of mind.


For advice on making a Will or any other probate matter, please contact one of our team today by calling 01905 723561 or email us at info@smesolicitors.co.uk.

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