Probate and Administration

When a person dies it is often necessary to obtain a grant of probate (when the person has left a Will) or a grant of letters of administration (when there is no Will). This document which is obtained through the court enables the Personal Representatives to deal with the affairs of the deceased, for example close accounts and sell or transfer any property and shares.

Our team of experts can take you through this complicated process at what is often a very difficult and emotional time. We can assist with all aspects of the estate including preparation of the inheritance tax forms, obtaining the grant of probate or letters of administration, selling and transferring assets, arranging payment of any liabilities, preparing estate accounts and dealing with the final distribution to beneficiaries.

As a STEP qualified lawyer, head of department Samantha Lloyd, is able to advise on estates involving high value assets, business assets and trusts.

Her colleague Gill Holder specialises in estates involving agricultural elements and is a member of the Agricultural Law Association.


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