Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney enable you to appoint someone to deal with your personal and financial affairs when you cannot manage them yourself.  This may be due to failing health, accident or lose of mental capacity. A power of attorney allows family members or close personal friends, who you have personally chosen, to have the authority to deal with your affairs for you.

You are able to put in place powers of attorney relating to your personal finances and also your personal health and welfare. Thus giving you the opportunity to have an influence in whom should help you and how matters should be run when you no longer have the mental capacity to make day to day decisions.

We are finding that the need for powers of attorney is certainly increasing and this is an important way of planning for the future. Our team at SME is highly experienced in dealing with powers of attorney and can guide you through the process of putting these invaluable documents in place.


For advice on powers of attorney or any other probate matter, please contact one of our team today by calling 01905 723561 or email us at info@smesolicitors.co.uk.

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