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A message from our Senior Partner:

We know that using a solicitor can be a daunting prospect.  We want to give you the most positive experience possible when using our legal services. That starts from the moment you first contact SME Solicitors; whether you speak to our receptionist on the telephone, pop into the office or e-mail a solicitor directly. You can expect nothing less than friendly, polite and informative contact.

We understand that sometimes when you contact a solicitor you may feel pressured, stressed, worried, anxious or even angry either about your legal problem or having to contact a solicitor. Whatever your legal problem, we will always do our best to make you feel welcome and at ease in our offices here at SME Solicitors.

We guarantee that upon arrival at our offices you’ll be offered a drink whilst you wait to be seen by one of our solicitors. Save for in exceptional circumstances, you’ll never be kept waiting for more than 5 minutes and if the wait is likely to be longer than that, we’ll look to arrange another appointment at your convenience should you prefer.

It doesn’t stop there….

We guarantee that throughout your legal case you will have:

  • Only one fee earner dealing with your matter*
  • Direct dial telephone and e-mail details for the fee earner dealing with your matter;
  • Direct dial telephone and e-mail details for the secretary to the fee earner dealing with your legal matter;
  • Direct dial telephone and e-mail details for the fee earner dealing with your matter in the absence of your usual contact;

In some instances, you may also be provided with the fee earner’s mobile telephone number to ensure contact can be made even when the fee earner is absent from the office.

Whatever your legal matter, we understand the importance of confidentiality. That is why we will never discuss your case either with you or anyone else in the public areas of our offices, including reception.

And just to make sure you know that we really care…..From time to time throughout your legal case or at the end of your matter you may be contacted by me or Yvonne Tivey just to check that everything is going ok and that you are happy with our legal services. We’re happy to do this over the telephone, but if you are free to meet for a cup of tea that’s even better!

We are legal advisors, but we are human too and sometimes that means although we try to give 100% all of the time, we may accidentally let our standards of service slip.  If you feel that the level of service you have received from any member of staff is anything less than you expected or were led to expect, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at so that I can investigate the matter and do my best to put it right.


*the exceptions to this being only where a) the fee earner’s experience or capability requires either a supervising Partner to be involved or a fee earner from another department to be involved and  b) a fee earner is absent from the office for an extended period of time due to either annual leave, illness or maternity/paternity leave or c) the fee earner’s role within the firm changes for whatever reason meaning they no longer deal with the type of work you initially instructed upon.


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